Your child can benefit from 2 of Grolier's amazing products designed to heighten their creative and critical thinking skills.

Children are always hungry for knowledge. Grolier has 3 enticing programs designed to feed their curiosity about the world.

Grolier aims to enhance a child's creative skills such as hand-eye coordination, social communication, problem-solving skills, etc.

Yan, Daniel and their two lovely children

" We are both Strong Believers in Early Childhood Cultivation and we have been searching for a programme like this.We started reading bedtime stories for our first son when he was only 6 months old. Now our son loved the pictures on the programme and he was so attracted to it that he always asks for a bedtime story every single night. I will recommend this programme to my friends and others around me."

Grace and Xavier

" My son Xavier loved the three brain development series: Primo, Picolo and Maximo.Grolier's consultant taught me how to use the series to teach in a fun way and I've never seen him enjoy learning so much. Every series in the Home Study programme has it's own purpose and uniqueness and all work very well together in helping Xavier to develop the desire to learn."

Pamela and Family

" When I was presented with the programme, the consultant's explanation was very clear and precise and helped me to understand the benefits of using the programme. My children love them because of the beautiful pictures and attractive colours.We also like the fact that with the help of the Words series, we were able to expand our vocabulary. We love the after sales service that comes with home teaching and explanation, as well as the Parenting Workshop and Parenting tips, which all help us to maximize the benefits of the programme. "

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