Home mum who cares

I am a stay-at-home mum and I read a lot, mostly newspapers and my two children have picked up my habit . But I know I have to get materials that are more suitable for them.
After getting Grolier home programme and the guidance from their executive, I started to like the I Wonder Why series because now my children can learn how to find out their own answers when they have a question, which I now realise is a very important skill to develop.
This programme has helped us a lot because we are not very fluent in our command of English. I'm glad I have invested in their programme.

- Mdm Tay with her son

Preferred a well designed home resource

My husband and I used to go to the library 3 times a week, but after getting Grolier's programme, we have stopped goin there, as we prefer to use this home resource to guide our children.
We love the simplicity of the programme and the wide range of knowledge contained in it, now my children are not limited to learning only at school.

- Noraida with her husband and their two children

Unique Early Cultivation Couple

We are both strong believers in Early Childhood cultivation, and we have been searching for a systematic programme like this. We started reading bedtime stories for our first son when he was only 6 months old!
Now our first son is 3 years., he loves the pictures on the programme and is so attracted to it. He always ask for a bedtime story every single night. We love the Words Words Words programme that helps us to teach vocabulary. I strongly recommend this programme to all friends and others around me.

- Yan, Daniel and their two lovely son

15 minutes is all it takes to create miracle

I'm a strong believer that education begins at the youngest age and I found that the great thing about Grolier's programme is that it was designed in a systematic way. All it takes is 15 minutes a day to create A Miracle in my 3 years old kid.

- Sumiryati & Dian

A mum who didn't take the wrong Advice

Initially, I was a little skeptical about signing up for the programme as i remember my friends telling me that she has seen this programme before and that it might not be as good as it sounds. However, after understanding the benefits and the usage of the programme, I decided to sign up and since then i have no regrets at all. As a matter of fact i am very pleased with the programme and the after sales service the company has provided.
So far, I am been using the programme as guided.I find it very useful as i am chinese educated, I also found that i have improved in my vocabulary. I have full trust and faith in this programme and highly recommend it to all parents to go ahead and give it a try.

- Serene & son kang kang

How can we demand from our children?

It is so easy for us (Parents) to push our children to study. We all want them to stive. Now, I have realized that it is in our hands to assist them, give them the head start and prepare them in advance.
If we don't give them what they need now, how can we demand from them in the future? This is our Preferred System in our children's learning

- Anisah

Started from Pregnancy

I am pregnant for 32 weeks and I strongly beleive in Early Childhood Cultivation as I have started reading to my baby during the early stage of my pregnancy.
This system is very well organized and makes learning a breeze. This system has also given me encouragement and motivation in my route towards Successful Parenting.

- Punitha

Busy Mum finding resources

I just got your system and I just want to thank your company. Both my husband and I are very busy and we don't have much time for our 7 year old daughter.
I know my disadvantage was a result of my time being preoccupied at work.So I was on a lookout for good learning resources to assist her in her studies and I'm glad that I have found your company. After your executive explained the flow of the system, I loved how I was able to improve my daughter's vocabulary and general knowledge.Thank you Grolier

- Mdm Mini

Persistence is Gold

I've owned the Grolier's "Family Plan of Home Educational" programme for the past two years and my two boys are now in Primary One and Nursery respectively.
My husband and I have used the programme faithfully for the past two years and both of us believe that cultivating our children is a life-long journey, and it will take perseverance to see good results.
We read to both our children every night for 15-30 minutes and they enjoyed every minute of it. Now my elder son loves the books and is able to read by himself during his free time. He was praised by his teachers for being able to communicate well in fluent english.
Although it was tough during the first two years, to find the time to guide my children in the usage of the program, we never gave up. As a result of our efforts and Grolier's Programmes we have seen Amazing Results in both our children.

- Perlin

Early Adaptor looking for solution

We've signed up with Grolier's for the "Family Plan of Home Educational" programme for my six months old baby boy during the Motherhood Fair 2007.
We know the importance of early cultivation as we have started reading to our baby son since he was 4 months old. However, we did not have a system for guidance.
We were amazed by the way the programme is designed in a easy to follow step-by-step programme. We personally loved the "I Wonder Why" series and are confident now that we can prepare ourselves to answer any of our son's questions in the near future.
We are also glad that Grolier has provided good after sales services by sending an executive to our home to guide my wife and me in maximising the benefits of the programme . He also shared some ideas and tips on early cultivation,child's psychology and behavior.
The most important message that was emphasised to us was "Children are never too young to learn". We strongly agree with that message and highly recommend this programme to all parents.

- Mr and Mrs Liew

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