Welcome to Grolier

A very warm welcome to our Grolier family and I would like to congratulate you on your wise decision on investing in “The Family Plan of Home Education”.

Let me tell you something about myself- My name is Naraian Sandhu, you can call me either Naraian, or Sandhu.

I joined Grolier in 1994, after using the programme with my son for two years and seeing the results it brought. Since then, I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of parents, to share the effectiveness of early childhood cultivation, at the same time getting an insight into the many different situations, frustrations and dilemmas that parents face in early childhood cultivation due to lack of awareness and ignorance.

I took it upon myself to read and research on as many early childhood cultivation topics and can safely say today, that I have a very good knowledge in this arena. I am still seeking more knowledge.

In August 2007, to add more value to my clients, I started to conduct parenting workshops on Early Childhood Cultivation and at the time of writing this welcome mail, have conducted 45 such workshops.

In November 2007, I was asked to conduct a parenting workshop for the Housing Development Board in Toa Payoh addressing about 80 parents. I look forward to conducting more such workshop.Iif a need arises for your organization, please feel free to contact me.

My handphone number is: 9099 5800 and I am contactable 7 days a week from 10am-10pm. However, if I am unavailable, kindly leave a voice message or send me a sms message, and I will get back to you ASAP. And now, our exciting journey begins…

This simple but yet revolutionary children’s educational programme is the new way of cultivating children in the modern world.

This programme is time tested and proven to deliver the desired results regardless of your age, job and family background.

You have taken the first and most important step towards building your child’s future. Remember – it’s what you do at home that’s going to make a difference in what your child does at school.

The ultimate element needed for success in this programme is: Commitment

“How to Create Miracles using ONLY 20 minutes a day?”

Yes! That’s all the time I request from you, and that is the time period you need to use the programme.

These 20 minutes divides the distinctive group of parents who see amazing results after using our programme, and the group of parents who see mediocre results.

These 20 minutes divides the group of parents who successfully nurture their child to be a winner, and the group of parents who are wasting tons of money, as well as valuable time trying to “chase the train” of education after seeing their children struggling in school.

“The Best way to care for your child is by nurturing them from young”

“It’s not what you do with your child; it’s how you do it!”

The key to success with Grolier’s “The Family Plan of Home Education”

1. Start using the programme immediately. Once the programme has been delivered to your home, setup the bookshelf; arrange the books on the bookshelf.

2. Use the programme 20 minutes every single day or at least five days a week.

3. Use it persistently and consistently and make the programme as the main part of your child’s learning process.

4. Perseverance is of utmost importance-Rome was not built in a day.

 “What if I don’t know where to start?”

As our valuable client, we have prepared several resources to help maximize your results with the programme.

1. Basic tips on how to get the best out of your child with this programme.

Disney Words Words Words

This is a compilation of Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Opposites. Choose 5 key words, write them down on 5 different pieces of paper and roll them up.
Play a game with your child by asking him/her to pick one.
Go to the key word he/she has chosen – act excited about seeing the Disney characters and teach him/her 2 – 3 words by pointing at the pictures and getting him/her to repeat the matching words after you 3 times.
If your child is too young and not talking yet, the pictures and their matching words read out in your voice will be imbedded as he/she soaks up the audio/visual education you are providing.
One day when he/she starts talking he/she will utilize the words picked up during these moments, which do not just serve to provide an education but also reinforce bonding between parent and child.
These fun time will give your child better mileage as his/her vocabulary muscles.

Disney Story A Day

Read these stories according to the dates.
Bedtimes is ideal as your child will not be so active and will be able to concentrate longer while being comfortably tucked in.
Again, here, favourable feelings towards reading are being developed because of its association with warmth and love during these bedtime reading moments.
It is important to read in different tones at difference points so as to add animation and excitement.

I Wonder Why

Answers to curious minds – the ‘whys’ do not have to be intimidating any more.
As and when your child asks you questions, refer to the I Wonder Why series, find the related topic to and read the answers to him/her. Make sure that he/she is by your side as you do this and get him/her involved.

Disney Children Encyclopedia

To the rescue is the Disney Children Encyclopedia when your child’s enquiring mind has soaked up the entire I Wonder Why and wonders if there’s more.
He/she may proceed to the Disney’s Children Encyclopedia which serves up a spread of science, geography and history related topics.

Help Me Be Good

Character building in nature, these books seek to identify the typical situations in which a child is likely to exhibit unacceptable behavior and suggest alternatives to those behaviors.
This series also seeks to give the child and the parent reader an understanding into why a child sometimes ‘misbehaves’.

Finally, the child is taught the right behavior in the same given situations and as illustrations depict, everybody’s happy when the child chooses the ‘correct’ behavior.
It is suggested that these books be read on a regular basis.

2. Parenting workshop

(if you have already attended the workshop or have already registered, please skip this step)

We are conducting parenting workshop every 3rd Saturday of the month to help clients get a clearer picture on the importance on early childhood cultivation, and how to use the programme effectively.
You are entitled to a free parenting workshop within 60 days after your investment after which there will be a charge of $19.90 per family. I appreciate your understanding in this matter as it is to create urgency in attending the workshop for your child’s benefit.
(Public are paying for this workshop currently)

Our mission is to share this profound knowledge to every parent in the world, at the same time I have received a lot of feedback from clients that they want their friends and relatives to know about the benefits of our programme too, so we welcome clients to invite up to three friends or relatives to the workshop.

If you have yet to register for our Parenting workshop,please go back to our HOME page and click on PARENTING WORKSHOP. 

3. Parenting tips
Please go to our HOME page and click on PARENTING TIPS
(if you have already signed up for the Parenting Tips, please skip this step)

As a way to show appreciation for your trust in us, we have gathered valuable information, tips and techniques to help you excel in your tough but yet exciting path of parenting.

Compiled in bite size, easy to follow and implement-parenting tips delivered to your email’s inbox every fortnightly for 2 whole years.

You will also be receiving future product update and development, information related to parenting and any source we find that will aid you in your path on parenting.

Due to the strict spam filter of the email client providers like Yahoo and Hotmail, there are increasing numbers of emails have been filtered out and unable to reach your inbox. To help us ensure you receive our email, please add the below email addresses in your email address book or contact list:


If you have any further problems, questions or feedback, click on the "Contact Us" on top of this page.

Send us your testimonial
If you are happy with the programme and our service, kindly send us a testimonial with a family photo to and get a mystery gift.

Note: By submitting your testimonial and photo, you are allowing us to use it in our strive to share your success and satisfaction with our programme and our service with other parents. (Thank you for sharing good things)

Time and again you will receive a phone call from our customer service for your valuable feedback.

We wish you the best and do remember, “Patience is the mother of all virtues”.
The benefits of the programme will not be noticed overnight but when put to use on a daily basis, the programme will help your child to develop into an intelligent, knowledgeable, interesting and imaginative individual who also is admired for his/her exemplary behavior.

For your child’s success in the path of learning

Naraian Sandhu
Division Manager
Grolier International (Singapore)

My elder son loves the books and is able to read by himself during his free time. He was praised by his teachers for being able to communicate well in fluent english.
- Perlin
We were amazed by the way the programme is design in step by step, easy to follow system.
- Mr & Mrs Liew
I am pregnant for 32 weeks and I strongly beleived in Early Childhood Cultivation as I have start reading to my baby (in the womb)in the early stage of my pregnancy.
- Punitha

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